Friday, December 21, 2012

Calling all survivors...

If you’re reading this, the idea of the December 21st, 2012 apocalypse can safely be ruled out. I begin this blog at 3:25AM (since, you know, sleep is no longer a thing I do), which leads me to believe that I’ve successfully survived. For all I know, countless people have been led to a land of bodiless souls while I remain one of the chosen to live on…I suppose I’ll find out later. I don’t have a television, so news reaches me later than most.

For well over a year now, we have all heard about the famed Mayan calendar and the theories surrounding its rather mysterious end date. Did they simply get bored and end their calculations? Could it be that they figured after thousands of years someone else might simply pick up the slack and start up where they left off? Were aliens around at the time that predicted some climactic change that would break and reform the earth until it is uninhabitable by all but the basest life forms? Could the Mayans have had the insight and understanding to foresee a shift in universal energies that will change life as we know it?

Any, all or even none of these things could be true. At the end of the day (if there is an end of the day), we’ll be able to talk more about it. As for me, I believe a change of sorts has come.

It’s not something I can explain fully, and it isn’t truly something I claim to understand. In all honesty, I’m skeptical of anyone who tries to tell me they know exactly what is happening. All that I know is that slowly but surely, especially within the past week or so leading up to the end time, things have felt wonky. Not good…not bad…just full of unusuality.

Things have felt heavy to me. I’ve talked to many people, friends and strangers, spiritual and otherwise completely skeptic alike, and most of them agreed that something feels different. An unexplained weight has been added this past week. Now, I suppose, we see if things get heavier from here on out or if we simply move on once some energetic wonkiness passes us by.

I’m open to change. I always have been, and I will be until the day that I die. I guess that’s really all that can be done in the current situation. Whether or not it’s related to an ancient calendar carved into a rock, tomorrow I will not be the same as I am today. Hairs will leave my head and move to my shoulder. Passions will wax and wane like the moon. Gradually I will make my way towards a dream, and tomorrow will put me one step closer to its realization. Life is happening, and a change is upon us…same as always.

The winds I used to conduct as a boy [Winds of Change] are blowing harder tonight than they have in a while. When last they filled my sails, I traveled the length of a country and started a new chapter in my life. I am not fool enough to fight them, but I do wonder where they will lead this time.

Enough of my blabbering dear friends. It’s time to once again feebly attempt sleep. Hopefully when I wake up, and brand new adventure will be underway. I do love a good adventure.

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