Monday, December 3, 2012

To dance upon the wind...

People are quite like bubbles, I think. It all begins with a breath of life, a dripping wet mess, and then off we fly into whatever may come. Bubbles are wondrous, fragile, all too temporary orbs of beauty and light. They cannot control their fate any more than we can when the wind decides to change its course. Those that choose to fight the wind will undoubtedly break under the strain, and those that follow the currents may find themselves popped either way.

In the end, we all must pop I’m afraid. It is inevitable. Large and small, crystal clear and swirling with rainbows alike…it matters not. A day will come that we all must face. The prick of a pin, the excited thwack of a child’s hand or even the slow and steady effects of time. However it happens, it will happen, and that is all there is to it.


That could very well be the end of the story. A tragedy if I ever heard of one. No matter the positive spin you place upon it, the day of popping is unavoidable. This is absolute truth. So what, then, is to be done?

It’s a simple answer, really. We dance.

I earnestly believe that we all have the potential to fill our tiny pocket of the world with love, light and joy. For a few brief beats within the song of eternity, we can each and every one of us dance our part and delight others along the way. We may find ourselves dancing conjoined with friends and sharing parts of our essences until our rainbow swirls are not quite as different as they were before. Sometimes we may even become so attached that we are no longer separate bubbles at all. You’ll find yourself joined, larger, stronger.

However your dance should happen to go, whoever your partners may be along the way, make the very best of it that you can. We bubbles are terribly fragile things, and our part in the dance is shorter than you may think.

And what else is there for us to do than to dance upon the wind?

So go, my friends, and be the most beautiful bubbles you can be. May the wind take you higher than you ever dreamed you could fly. Happy Monday Fun Day.

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