Monday, September 24, 2012

No Girls Allowed...

I am a man.

Some days I wear lots of jewelry, and some days I don’t. On occasion I prefer my clothes to be light and airy, but on most days I stick with my novelty t-shirts and blue jeans. Every day of the week, I dance around like a fool and sing along to the songs in my head. I like cats as well as dogs. Beer makes me cringe, but wine is my friend. Sports have never been of great interest to me, but in a crowd I can bring my testosterone to a boil like the best of them. I work part time and scrape by, but I’m happy with what I do and I don’t depend upon other people to keep myself alive. I can grow a full beard though I have never let it get beyond a few days of stubble. My emotions work hard to rule my big life decisions, and my head has learned to at least listen to what they have to say. Whatever my mood of the day, one fact still remains: I am most assuredly a man.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Losing Wait...

Patience is something that is slowly dying, dear friends. You know what? I’m going to immediately amend that statement. Patience has, at least during the rise of my generation to young adulthood, been wheezing away on its deathbed. There really isn’t anything slow about it anymore. The death of patience and going with the flow has been rather swift. It’s really an unfortunate way to go for something so slow and calm in nature.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Are you ready for NYC?

After spending about three months of life in this unendingly conscious city, I think I’m qualified enough to give some advice on everyday necessities I’ve discovered thus far. Now when I say every day, I don’t mean your life will end without any of these things. Hell, you might live life quite comfortably without ever so much as touching some of them. I promise you, though, when the moment comes that you absolutely need this one tiny thing, you will be grateful you listened to your friend Brogie McDoogerson.