Monday, July 2, 2012

11:11, YMCA, and Resumes

I started writing this at 11:11PM...and I wished really hard. What, you ask? Well I can't tell you that, silly! My point, dear reader, is that this Monday Fun Day has turned out to be a hectic freaking day indeed. That would be why my post is so late and unfortunately very short. Don't think I'll even need a page break today.

I went off to the YMCA earlier and had a bangin' interview. It's a part time guest services position, but if I get it, that will be something in the income department. So wish me luck!

The first of several July auditions is coming up tomorrow. As soon as I post this, I'll be taking a quick shower then passing out! After arriving just later than I should have at an audition last time, I've learned that for some facets of the theatrical have to make yourself an early riser. Again...luck wishing would make me eternally grateful. Not even so much on the auditions...just on me getting there.

And with that my dearest readers, my Monday Fun Day is concluded for the evening. I swear on all that is unholy (for there's far more of that than holy, I think), I'll be more diligent about my writing once I get into a better swing of things in this crazy ass city.

So much love and light to you all. Happy Monday!

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