Thursday, April 5, 2012

Messy Me

Sorry for being out of it the last few days. Life has taken a drastic turn, and my ability to write faltered for a day or two. But tonight, I took a short while and wrote a poem (something I haven't done in YEARS).

I hope you like it.

Sometimes a mess can be dirty
Though these two are not one and the same
When there’s dirt please be wise
And just sanitize
Or get sick and know dirt is to blame.

Sometimes a mess is a problem
So much stuff that just gets in the way
You can do what you will
Trying everything, still
It gets bigger and bigger each day.

Sometimes a mess is just clutter
All the books that make homes off the shelf
Projects litter the floor
Your shoes blockade the door
And there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Sometimes a mess is exciting
Finding things you once forgot
Things you started to build
Or a diary half filled
With dreams that it turns out were not.

Sometimes a mess is a person
It’s all that they leave in their wake
Wherever they’ve been
You’ll know once you’ve seen
All the traces they’ve left by mistake.

Sometimes its mess that defines us
It tells those we love who we are
Little pieces of you
For them all to sort through
Learning what’s in your heart from afar.

Sometimes a mess is a lover
Their mess just one more of their charms
Like the kisses you share
All the secrets you bare
And the nights that you spend in their arms.

Sometimes their mess becomes memory
Something you no longer see
You’ll look high and look low
Pretty soon you will know
There’s nothing left of the mess that was me.

Sometimes a mess causes heartache
That sticks with you at any cost
Someone’s smell in the air
Just keeps lingering there
Reminding you of what you lost.

And sometimes a mess opens doorways
That never were open before
Once the mess is all through
There’s not much left to do
But to buck up and walk through the door.

Its not perfect, and not finished by a long shot. But its something I wanted to share as it was...currently a little bit of a poetic mess. 

Fitting, I think.

UPDATE: Any lines in bold were added as of 4/6/2012. Just letting it continue to grow. 


  1. I have always thought that the limerick model, with its recognizable rhyme scheme and verse structure, lends itself well to poetry that expresses universal truth.

    You have just brilliantly demonstrated this fact.

    So much love, McDoogerson..... :o)