Monday, April 9, 2012

Facial Feelings

Rubbing a spoon on your face feels awesome.

I can just picture your faces now. Doubting eyes and disbelieving scowls. But I ask you this: Have you ever tried rubbing a spoon on your face? No? Then stifle your nonsense looks and listen!

I think the nerves in most people’s faces are underused and under appreciated. When is the last time you felt something on your forehead other than pain from popping a pimple? Do you take the time out of your day to tickle your lips? Are you even aware of the fact that your forehead, lips, cheeks, jaw line, nose, and even eye lids can all give you the same sensation you get when someone runs a feather over the nape of your neck?

Human children use their faces, and especially their mouths, to explore the world around them. I mean, how else would you know what a marble is if you can’t suck on it or stick it up your nose? Yes, as an adult you have a conceptual understanding of what a marble is without the need for nose holding…but let’s be serious, sometimes its just more fun that way. From very early on, our face is one of our key connections to our environment.

So why stop now that you’re all grown up? There are so many tactile experiences that I feel cannot be fully experienced with the fingers alone. I notice in myself, and I’m sure you’ll notice it too, that I’ve been conditioned to associate the sense of touch with my fingertips. Just because my hands are what I use to reach for an object, does that mean they should get all the fun? Hell no!

Just the other night, my face spent the better portion of a movie communing with a spoon. It wasn’t even intentional at first. The evening had started so innocently. I’d been using the spoon for leftover stew. Once I sucked the last remaining bits of broth and deliciousity from the metal, I decided to let it hang in my mouth. I’ll have you know, spoons feel pretty damn nifty when you undulate your tongue in the curve. Really…give it a shot.

Next thing I knew, the back of the spoon was massaging my temple. The curve was resting on my cheek bones and then cupping my chin. I dragged the end along my closed lips, and it tickled like whoa. This lasted for near an hour before I even registered what I was doing. Then it simply became a conscious activity.

I feel like I have a much fuller understanding of spoons now. A deeper connection with them as well. I’ve been using these awesome cereal wands all these years, and it wasn’t until now that I learned to appreciate how soft curved metal can actually be.

All this is to say, I would like to reestablish my face as a tool for experiencing more of the world.

So this Monday, let us all dive into the world face first! It is absolutely worth a shot.


  1. I definitely rubbed a spoon all up on my face...and it was...good feeling.

    1. RIGHT?! Its hard to say anything other than it just feels good. I'm glad to know you're among those who have experienced such a thing.