Monday, July 29, 2013

Online Gay-ting...

In this modern world of ours, many people turn to the online dating scene to meet people. Perhaps our lives are too busy. Perhaps society is changing in ways that make meeting people in conventional ways much more difficult. Perhaps we want to hide behind a screen until we feel comfortable enough to actually approach someone else. Whatever the case, my experiences in the online gay dating scene have been...interesting. So naturally I wrote a poem to express my feelings about it. Happy Monday Fun Day! Enjoy.

Online Gay-ting:
Hey there faceless torso.
How are you today?
For someone left without a head
You have a lot to say.
“Sup?” “What’s good?” “You lookin, bro?”
Or sometimes even “Hey.”
Such scintillating conversation
In this dating pool of gay.

Hello fuzzy butt crack
You’re looking mighty bare.
At least you might after a trim,
Some tender love and care.
Forgive me if I don’t respond
But just so you’re aware.
It’s hard to focus on your words
When air is all you wear.

Howdy rock hard penis
Of unique shape and size.
It’s funny how you blend right in
With all these other guys.
True some are soft, just hanging there
Slack between their thighs.
You all just start to look the same
To my bombarded eyes.

Oh hello happy smile
Contagious through the screen.
Let’s read some of your profile
And see what we can glean.
You only want a “real man”
Have no interest in “the scene.”
You profess desire for a “masc.”
When mask is what you mean.

I’d like to know your name first
Before you ask to bone.
I don’t intend to send you pics
By email or by phone.
Wading through the sea of sluts
My love life I bemoan.
Thanks to you I’ve come to think
I’m better off alone.

So on I click from page to page
Saying hi along the way.
I pray to someday feel desired
As more than simply prey.
My feet are ready to be swept
Though that may sound cliché.
I still have faith it can be done
In this dating pool of gay.

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