Monday, July 1, 2013

A definition for you...

Exhaustion (n.):
  1. The act or process of exhausting...all of my energy with two jobs and ballin' friends.
  2. The state of being exhausted...a feeling somewhat permanent as of late.
  3. Extreme weakness or fatigue...barely touched by an hour long bath.
  4. The total consumption of soul. The something is my soul.

My friends. My dearest, darlingest, loverliest friends and readers...I am officially exhausted. I've worked every day for about two weeks now, and my only day off this week will be Thursday. If that. I have to check my schedule, the days have begun to blend together.

I go from one job to the other, bouncing back and forth and doing all I can to support both organizations to the best of my abilities. My social life...I try to maintain one when I can. That just happens to usually be in the learly hours of the morning times. The balance of work, socialization and sleep is way out of wack, and it's about time to achieve some stability.

I also have yet to find time to do my freakin' laundry. I'm going to need a pack horse just to get it down the stairs and to the laundromat. The time shall be found!

But for now, my friends, I'm going to sleep. Gute Nacht! Bis Morgen! Sleep well whenever you do! Dream lovely dreams with pretty colors and adventures to rival any story you've ever known.

And rest. Be sure to do that as well. Pardon me now while I lay my head down to rest...

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