Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Fun Day

Hello, hello my dear as of yet nonexistent readership! My name is Brogan. You may, however, call me any of the many variations I have come to adopt over the years. (Brogie, Bro, Brog, Bro-gain, Broseidan King of the name a few) Here I'll be signing off as Brogie McDoogerson.

Today is March 19th, 2012. A Monday.

Monday's always seem to have a certain stigma about them. People dread this day like an oncoming plague. Well no longer, I say! Let's all spice up our lives just a little and try something new whenever a Monday happens to roll around. In case you need further directions, that's roughly every seven days beginning from today until eternity.

My new venture? This blog, of course!

I'm going to come out with it right now. Honesty. This is not my first attempt at a blog. Truth be told, its not my second or third time around this track either. All have been flops after about a month. But I have a plan...let me tell it to you!

The plan: a little structure. Structure goes a long way. My previous blogs were almost pure nonsense. All willy nilly were they. Posts appeared in three day bunches every month or so. Then a gap of two, three, ten months creeps in and BAM! Absolute failure...

I think I always felt overwhelmed by the need to journal every day. Especially when those blogs had no true focus. They really were online journals rather than anything of significance.

So here the structure will not come from what I write about, but rather when I write it. Monday Fun Day!!!

I cannot guarantee it will always be interesting, nor can I promise a particular time of day. But I will write something here every Monday from now until I don't. Let the experiment begin!

Hope you enjoy the journey...I plan to. :)


  1. Fascinating. I eagerly await next Monday... and those Mondays after.

  2. You're a fantastic writer! I look forward to Monday Fun Day and the Brogan blog!

    Moo flap flap

    1. I'm spending the week just letting the universe flood me with inspiration. This will be quite a fun project. :)

      Flap flap moo! <3

  3. Take a trip down memory lane one Monday.. and write about alll our exciting adventures :)

    Look forward to reading on Monday!!


  4. Nothing could make my Mondays more interesting than you Bacon ;) Thank You!