Monday, April 22, 2013

Just a Quickie...

Hello my dearest friends and readers! This weekend, any of my normal dedicated writing time was taken up by various emergencies and life happenings, so I thought I would simply do an update post this go around. You know? Talk about what's good in the hood. And stuff. Yes...let's begin.


I'm now a full time manager at my little metaphysical shop on Christopher St. We're a tiny family there, but I'm so happy I'm finally feeling like an actual member of the group. This store has been a life, faith and happiness saver, and I'm so grateful for it.

Also, every Friday night from around 9 to 12 I am a zombie at an attraction called Zombiefest. It is one of the most fun and ridiculous jobs I could have ever imagined having the pleasure to work. We (that is, we actor zombie peoples) run around with patrons for a few hours in the most epic game of laser tag I have ever experienced. Seriously, if you come to visit me, let's set up your run through the Asylum. I'll scare you shitless, you'll get to shoot me in the head. Fun!


People keep telling me it's Spring. Even the trees are waking up, flowers are fucking with my nose and I'm greeted by a chorus of chirping birds any time I arrive home too learly. The issue I'm having, though, is that it's still averaging around 50 degrees. We're way into April, world...get that shit together. I want to go busking, and I need some warmer times to make that a thing.


My neck has been hurting. I think my body was just spoiled by years of a tempurpedic mattress. This spring nonsense just isn't cutting it. Might have to get some kind of cushy pad cover business.

Last Friday night, I received my first major zombie injury. A patron's gun made unintentional contact with my nose. It's a bit sore, but it's getting better. Should be totally alright in another day or so. Zombies don't die, and neither shall I!!!

I've been falling behind on my keeping in touch through letters resolution, and I'm sorry. If you're reading this, you have my permission to harass me into getting back on track. I'll appreciate it.

To keep it quick, I think that's it for now. I intend to take some time on a more creative post sometime between the Monday Fun Days this week. Sending love and light out to each and every one of you, my lovelies.