Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Scary L Word...

Today felt like another poetry kind of day, my friends. Welcome to what’s been on my mind recently. Enjoy.

The L Word

‘I like you’ is a funny phrase
Or so it seems to be
Some save it for a special time
Some let it just fly free
Big scary words to say or hear
Though they number only three
To clarify, this is what
‘I like you’ means to me

‘I like you’ means I think you’re nice
Your presence makes me smile
It might just be your dashing looks
Or maybe it’s your style
Something simple, something small
The list won’t run a mile
It simply means I would enjoy
To sit with you awhile

‘I like you’ means you make me laugh
Whether you try or not
It means you have a sassy streak
I simply haven’t got
You make me think and yearn and dream
And give me food for thought
You satisfy my mind in ways
That other men cannot

‘I like you’ means I want to talk
With you into the night
Something about you pulls me in
Conversation feels so right
Through the learly twilight hours
Or when the sun shines bright
The simple act of talking with you
Fills me with delight

‘I like you’ means I think you’re sweet
There’s more to you inside
Regardless of the masks you wear
No matter how you hide
You seem so torn, won’t let me in
You simply can’t decide
But still I’d like to be your friend
And stand here by your side

‘I like you’ means I want to make
Your heart light brightly shine
I want to know what it feels like
To hold your hand in mine
Buy you bouquets of flowers
Take you out to wine and dine
And since you work so early
I’ll even have you home by nine

‘I like you’ means I’d like to try
To reach for something more
No labels, vows or promises
Just more than was before
A hope that walking side by side
We could open a new door
Two brand new adventurers
The whole world to explore

‘I like you’ means I like you
Simple as can be
I don’t want to scare you away
Not getting on one knee
I just wanted to let you know
In hopes that you like me
Now it’s said, you know my thoughts
I guess I’ll wait and see


  1. Your ability to take such a deceptively complicated idea as "to like" and simplify it so straightforwardly and reveal its truth is inspiring and heart-warming.

    Love and miss you, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much, my dear friend. Love and miss you more!