Monday, October 22, 2012

Return of the Internet!!!

To get this part over, out of the way, and done with...I profusely apologize for being delinquent in my Monday Fun Day ramblings. Life here in the Big Apple has been a tad crazy, and I was missing internet for a few weeks there. Not an excuse, I know, but it happened either way and I’m sorry for it.

Now that that’s out, can I just explain how freaking exciting my life is?! Let us cover things one at a time.

1. I have a job.

Due to some awesome universal synchronicity and rampaging luck, I landed a job that pays me well enough to survive and makes my soul happy. I work in a shop called “Stick, Stone & Bone” on Christopher Street. For those far away souls that are not aware, that’s smack dab in the Village. Not that M. Night Schyamalan piece of dooky. I mean my little metaphysical shop sits between a sex store and a place called “The Leather Man.” I frequently see (and when I don’t see, I hear the tell tale sounds of) hordes of gay men tromping, flitting, and otherwise gallivanting past the shop’s window. Amidst all this nonsense, our little shop is a haven of positive energy and spiritual guidance. Incense, candles, books on meditation, tarot and a pretty damn impressive selection of both raw and tumbled gems and minerals. We’ve got it all, and being around it three days a week has made me a very happy person.

2. I have an apartment in NYC.

After a summer of seemingly endless vacation living for free with my grandmother (thank you Grandma Hildegard!), I’m finally situated in my very first New York City apartment. We live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Our building manager leads a biker gang and resembles a tattooed, Asian Cheech and Chong amalgamation. He’s awesome, don’t worry about it.

Utilities are set up, internet is now officially a thing, and slowly furniture is making its way into the picture. Until we have more for the common area, we’ve used the moving boxes to create a box fort for movie nights. Floor cushions are blow up mattresses. We’re just awesome like that…let your jealousy begin.

The best part? Through lots of long distance paperworking, intense running around like mad men and women, and all form of life fuckery along the way, I was able to land an apartment with two loverly ladies I know from college theatre times. No random crazies! Just crazies I love to death and know well.

3. I’m scheduled for an interview to be a Macy’s Santaland Holiday Elf.

Yes, you read that right. I will be a 6’2” Christmas elf of exceptional awesome-tasticness. They made a movie about something like it. Will Ferrell, syrupy pasta, my life. You may look at me and think, “Well gee, Brogan, I think you’d make an awesome (albeit really large) elf. But retail?” Do not be fooled, dear reader friends. I am not hopping into an elf getup for the sake of some spoiled little kids or their parents photo albums. I have no desire to make this my way of spreading holiday cheer. My motives are 100%, totally and unabashedly selfish. Macy’s employees have the opportunity to volunteer to walk in the giant ass parades, and I want in. So let’s slip me in stockings, put on a silly hat, blush up my cheeks and get me in a parade damn it!

4. My room is a blank canvas.

Now this one may not sound awesome right away, but think on it. The sum of my furnishings for my decent sized room amounts to: one air mattress. That’s it folks! I’m told it builds character, but I’m not certain whoever said that lived on an air mattress for long. Occasional sore neck aside, the total lack of furniture presents me with an opportunity I haven’t had in quite some time. I get to pick out all new stuff and throw it together in my room!!! I live in the best place in the world to go thrifting, pick up interesting pieces off of craigslist, or just take a stroll down the ritzy areas and see who’s throwing out perfectly good stuff. I’m even contemplating purchasing a loft bed and having my own fort/sanctuary underneath. If you fully understood how stoked I am, your brain might implode. I don’t suggest you try.

5. I’m officially a resident of New York City!

I still can’t get over it. The food here is all delicious, the water coming from almost every pipe is drinkable and refreshing, there are new things to find around every corner, and adventure abounds as long as you know to look. My life and my home are finally established here, and I’m not looking back.

I love you all very much, and I wish you as much amazing as I’m experiencing here every day. Happy Monday Fun Day! <3


  1. I adore you, and am so happy that you are living your adventure!!!

    1. There is adventure for everyone should they choose to get up and find it. I'm so happy I did.

  2. AAAAHHHHH!!!!! The MOST EXCITING post yet! I don't know if I'm more excited about your having a place of your very own or the prospect of your being a Macy's Elf for the holidays and eventually participating the THE PARADE TO END ALL PARADES.....

    Can't wait to come check out your new digs in Janaury!!!!

    Did you get the day off work yet? :op

    Love you and so proud of you!!!!

    1. excited for all of it!!! I haven't yet, but I'm certain I will be able to. And as it stands, my schedule has changed to open up a weekend day, so we'll be good.