Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dancing with death...

Fear is a stupid thing. Its sole purpose in life is to limit and control what we do. Sure, you could say there is such a thing as a ‘healthy dose of fear,’ but I prefer to call that sense. Fear is a silly idea of humanity that is twisted, warped, contorted and utterly abused in ways that keep us locked into whatever life our societies deem appropriate. I suppose the most ludicrous of fears is that of death.

From the moment we emerge from the womb, we are dying. The countdown has begun. Time ticks our lives away before we are even old enough to understand the concept. The only statistic regarding life that matters is this: 100% of people will die. This is no arbitrary number based on shark attacks along the east coast of America, nor is it compiled data collected about lightning related deaths in Guam. It is not a projection or prediction. It does not presume to speak of how we will all individually go. It just is. A simple fact and a truth that seems to be so often forgotten.

Perhaps forgotten is the wrong word. We are all cognizant of the fact. The problem, I think, is that so few of us accept it. So let’s all take a moment to let it sink in. Say it out loud with me:

I am going to die someday.

Even taxes can be avoided sometimes, but not our deaths. I’m glad we’re now all on the same page.

“This is all rather depressing,” you seem to say. While I suppose that may very well be true, it is only half right. It is depressing only for so long as you allow that fear of death to control you. Worrying over when and how takes so much energy and, something infinitely more valuable, time.

Death is not an enemy to run from. He is a dance partner. He is a rival. One that will win in the end, yes, but not one to fear. Every single day we meet death head on and dance our dance. Opening our eyes to another morning is a defiant challenge to our lifelong companion.

This dance has only one conclusion, and it is the same for us all. One last performance when we take our final bow. However it happens, all we can do is enjoy the dance as it comes and take the lead as we can. The curtain has gone up, my friends. The lights are shining bright, the music is playing, and our partner awaits us on the floor.

Let’s show him what we’ve got.

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